About Me

Creating A Tangible Expression

My Approach:

Each canvas is an empty space for my own human condition to explore. Perhaps our paths will cross.

My Story:

In early 2018 I purchased an abstract painting at an antique store. It was a very unique piece painted on an old album cover. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. I also had a very strong spark of inspiration to begin creating art of my own. In April 2018 I purchased some charcoal pencils and paper. I began experimenting with abstract drawings by simply moving randomly across the page. After stepping back I would rotate it and maybe add some more.

I wandered into a gallery a few weeks later without realizing it happed to be the studio of the very popular Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR artist James Dunbar. I mentioned that I just began abstract drawing. He asked to see some of my new work. After returning a few days later his wife and he took one look and immediately offered me wall space in his gallery beginning June 2018! I was shocked! This lit a fire of confidence in me. I hit the street running. I began to emerge as an upcoming artist! I was involved in a pop up show later that summer and began showing work at Angst Gallery.

I joined Mosaic Arts Alliance, a non-profit organization that connects local artists with businesses around Vancouver. It was a great opportunity to display my art around town. I was soon voted to serve on the Board of directors in 2019. Later that year I was voted Vice President and in 2020 President. I am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way thanks to MAA and am so happy to be able to serve the art community in a leadership role.

In July 2019 I was a featured artist in a two person show at Aurora Gallery. I feel very fortunate to have had my art on walls around town every day since showing for the first time at James Dunbar’s studio/gallery on Main St.

I seem to express myself in ways that are changing often. I began with charcoal pencils and sticks on paper. Not too long after that I thought adding a little water to the charcoal powder I was brushing my teeth with might stick to paper. I used a paper towel and a pile of charcoal powder and moving swiftly over the paper created Le Corbeau. Success!! I then began to wonder if it would stick to canvas. I created That Time In A Shipwreck, She Is Present and He Is Captivated, Desert Fox and Elephant among others. By the time summer was ending I was beginning to experiment with acrylics on canvas. I added acrylics to charcoal paintings and soon started using oil paint sticks creating pieces like The Lady. I am now known for painting large canvas, mixed media abstracts like Isolated and Unccountable. I love using pallet knives, large paint brushes, straws and chef’s chopper.

Desert Fox
Le Corbeau
(left to right) She Is Present, Untitled and He Is Captivated
Isolated And Unaccountable
48″ x 48″
36″ x 48″
48″ x 48″

All images (c)2020 William C Ferguson

The Lady (c)2019 William C Ferguson

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